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Unless I friend you first I will not friend you until you leave a comment. I've let this slip in the past and regretted it.

I am a total ISFP. We are not an easy bunch of people.We are hard to deal . Read the introduction post http://ibleed4love.livejournal.com/9330.html . If you can't handle a person like that we will not get along.

I have major mood swings so my posts literally go from full on rant one minute to aren't bunnies so cute n' fluffy the next.

I spam with quizzes and such. I am the queen of randomness *rocks tiara*. If you don't like spammers you won't like me.

Oh yeah one last thing and this is kind of a dealbreaker. I don't expect everyone to love my fandoms but don't 'wank' on them in my journal. Like I love Kataang ( Katara/Aang) from Avatar so you can hate them that is fine just don't leave a comment how they sucks in my journal and not only will I extend the same courtesy I will never down your fandoms in my journal period. I'm cool like that.

personally I'd fu*k 'em all,lol!

1) Comment to this and I will give you 3 people.
2) Post this meme with your answers.
3) Provide pictures and the names of 3 people.
4) Label which you would shag, marry, and throw off a cliff.

MARRY : Gary Oldman.Any man who potrays an old ass vampire cutting his tongue and I still wanna pounce on him,I'd marry.

SHAG: Jackson Rathbone. He's funny,he sings,he's playing two of my fav fictional crushes.

Throw off a cliff: Robert Pattinson, ,sorry buddy but I was always a Jasper girl anyway.


Writer's Block: First Things First

Who (or what) do you consider to be your first love?
Charlie or Jarred.Charlie was complicated puppy love (hey I was 11) .Jarred was/is complicated,long distance,we both have severe panic attacks love. I guess if I died today that Jarred was my true love even though it's very star crossed. We always seem to orbit around each other but never meet. Over 3 years of texts,calls but we have never met but he does own my heart. I am that pathetic :P

Okay Edward Cullen can hear thoughts .Alice is the greatest person around when your filling out lotto numbers but for the life of me I can't figure out what Rosalie & Emmett's 'gifts' are and the dang Wiki is not helping me.


superhero quiz

Your results:
You are Catwoman
Green Lantern
Wonder Woman
Iron Man
The Flash
You have had a tough childhood,
you know how to be a thief and exploit others
but you stand up for society's cast-offs.
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watchmen quiz

Your result for The Watchmen Personality Type Test...

The Silk Spectre

You scored 57% Moral Imperatives and 56% Attitude!

You are altruistic yet selfish.

An overbearing sense of pressure has lead to your moral perspective being offset by a confusion of self identity with your acts of goodness generally being motivated by self-interest, even if only to convince yourself of your 'goodness'.

Ultimately we all have to grow up, though you might find that your need for confirmation through other people will require another equally confused person to help you do so.

Take The Watchmen Personality Type Test
at HelloQuizzy


which buffy icons are 4 u

Which Buffy Icons Are For You? by MissEdith
Favorite Character:
Buffy Icon:
Spike Icon:
Willow Icon:
Xander Icon:
Giles Icon:
Anya Icon:
Cast Icon:
Villian Icon:
Couple Icon: